Dorsomedial diencephalic involvement in the juvenile play of rats.

  title={Dorsomedial diencephalic involvement in the juvenile play of rats.},
  author={Stephen M Siviy and Jaak Panksepp},
  journal={Behavioral neuroscience},
  volume={99 6},
Lesions of either the dorsomedial thalamus (DMT) or the parafascicular region of the thalamus (PFA) reduced rough-and-tumble social play in juvenile rats, as measured by frequency of pinning. Pinning was reduced by 33% in pups with DMT lesions and by 73% in pups with PFA lesions. Although PFA lesions had minimal effects on average pin durations, DMT pups had pins that were, on average, 105% longer than those of controls. Lesions of the PFA, but not DMT, also reduced play solicitation behaviors… CONTINUE READING

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