Dorsal lingual epithelium of Platemys pallidipectoris (Pleurodira, Chelidae)

  title={Dorsal lingual epithelium of Platemys pallidipectoris (Pleurodira, Chelidae)},
  author={C. Beisser and J. Weisgram and H. Splechtna},
  journal={Journal of Morphology},
  • C. Beisser, J. Weisgram, H. Splechtna
  • Published 1995
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Morphology
  • Scanning electron microscopy reveals that the flat tongue of Platemys pallidipectoris has shallow grooves and no lingual papillae. The surface of the tongue is covered with dome‐shaped bulges, each corresponding to a single cell. Short microvilli are distributed over the cell surface. Light microscopy shows a stratified cuboidal epithelium with an underlying strong connective tissue. Transmission electron microscopy indicates four layers. The basal cells of the epithelium are electron… CONTINUE READING
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