Dormancy Prediction Model in a Prepaid Predominant Mobile Market : A Customer Value Management Approach

  title={Dormancy Prediction Model in a Prepaid Predominant Mobile Market : A Customer Value Management Approach},
  author={Adeolu O. Dairo and Temitope Akinwumi},
  journal={International Journal of Data Mining \& Knowledge Management Process},
  • Adeolu O. Dairo, T. Akinwumi
  • Published 31 January 2014
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process
Previous studies have predicted customer churn in the mobile indutry especially the postpaid customer segment of the market. However, only few studies have been published on the prepaid segment that could be used and operationalised within the marketing team that are responsible for the management of incident of prepaid churn. This is the first identifiable literature where customer dormancy is predicted along the customer value segmentation. In this article, we use a popular data mining… Expand
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