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Dormancy Movements of Calathea mauiqueen

  title={Dormancy Movements of Calathea mauiqueen},
  author={Ma Chao-ying},
[Objective] The aim was to study the influencing factors for the dormancy movements of Calathea mauiqueen.[Method] The phenomenon of the dormancy movements of C.mauiqueen under the conditions of the greenhouse,phytotron and the room temperature were observed and the general law of the dormancy movements of C.mauiqueen was studied.[Result] The dormancy movements of C.mauiqueen was affected by the changes of the weather and season.The changes of the illumination time and intensity,humidity and… Expand
Leaf Movements of Indoor Plants Monitored by Terrestrial LiDAR
The results show how to quantify leaf orientation variation and leaf movements along a day at mm accuracy in different light conditions and confirms the feasibility of the proposed methodology to robustly analyse leaf movements. Expand