Dorado and its member galaxies

  title={Dorado and its member galaxies},
  author={Roberto Rampazzo and Stefano Ciroi and Paola Mazzei and F. Di Mille and Enrico Congiu and Arianna Cattapan and Luciana Bianchi and Enrichetta Iodice and Antonina Marino and Henri Plana and Joseph E. Postma and Marilena Spavone},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics of Galaxies},
ABRIDGED: Dorado is a nearby, rich and clumpy galaxy group that extends for several degrees in the Southern Hemisphere. For the first time, we map the Ha distribution as a possible indicator of star formation (SF) activity of Dorado members a large fraction of which show interaction and merging signatures. With the 2.5m du Pont and the 1m Swope telescopes we obtained narrow-band, calibrated images of 14 galaxies, forming the backbone of the group, mapping Ha+[N II] down to few 10$^{-17}$ erg~cm… 
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