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Doppler-like effect and doubtful expansion of universe

  title={Doppler-like effect and doubtful expansion of universe},
  author={E. Szaraniec},
The distance contraction, as observed in electrical soundings over horizontally stratified earth (static system), is identified as a counterpart of Doppler shift in dynamical systems. Identification of Doppler-like effect in a stock-still systems makes it possible to give an al-ternative answer to the question about an effective cause of the Doppler shift, which sounds: the inhomogeneities. This answer opens different static as well as kinematic possibilities, which challenge established… Expand
Superimposing Scales and Doppler-Like Effect
The observable universe together with the observer, both on sufficiently large scale, succeeds in their self-entaglement and paradoxical inconsistency. For consistency, the observable universe andExpand