Doped YbRh2Si2: not only ferromagnetic correlations but ferromagnetic order.

  title={Doped YbRh2Si2: not only ferromagnetic correlations but ferromagnetic order.},
  author={Stefan Lausberg and A Hannaske and A Steppke and Lucia Steinke and Thomas Gruner and L. Pedrero and C Krellner and Christoph Klingner and Manuel Brando and C Geibel and Frank Steglich},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 25},
YbRh2Si2 is a prototypical system for studying unconventional antiferromagnetic quantum criticality. However, ferromagnetic correlations are present which can be enhanced via isoelectronic cobalt substitution for rhodium in Yb(Rh(1-x)Co(x))2Si2. So far, the magnetic order with increasing x was believed to remain antiferromagnetic. Here, we present the discovery of ferromagnetism for x = 0.27 below T(C) = 1.30  K in single crystalline samples. Unexpectedly, ordering occurs along the c axis, the… CONTINUE READING

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