Dopaminergic behaviour in chicken retina and the effect of form deprivation.


PURPOSE Dopamine (DA) is considered to be a neurotransmitter involved in light-adaptive responses in the retina and has been implicated in the control of the eye growth induced by form deprivation. Vitreal DOPAC was shown to be a good indicator of retinal dopaminergic activity. METHODS/RESULTS Dopaminergic activity was highest during the light; with vitreal DOPAC levels rising within 3 h of light exposure. Form deprivation attenuated dopaminergic activity, as the rise in vitreal DOPAC levels on light exposure was reduced in form-deprived eyes, compared with control eyes. CONCLUSION The lack of sustained activation of DA release may explain the role of DA in the control of eye-growth.

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@article{Megaw1997DopaminergicBI, title={Dopaminergic behaviour in chicken retina and the effect of form deprivation.}, author={Pam L. Megaw and Ian George Morgan and Meeuwis K Boelen}, journal={Australian and New Zealand journal of ophthalmology}, year={1997}, volume={25 Suppl 1}, pages={S76-8} }