Dopaminergic activation excites rat lateral habenular neurons in vivo.

  title={Dopaminergic activation excites rat lateral habenular neurons in vivo.},
  author={Alexander B. Kowski and R{\"u}diger W Veh and Torsten Weiss},
  volume={161 4},
The lateral habenular complex (LHb) of the epithalamus is part of a dorsal diencephalic conduction system connecting basal forebrain with regulatory midbrain nuclei. The LHb has been implicated in the regulation of ascending monoaminergic transmission, particularly midbrain dopaminergic neuronal activity. Here, we have investigated whether the LHb in turn is subject to dopaminergic modulation. Alterations in spontaneous neuronal activity within the LHb following systemic application of… CONTINUE READING
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