Dopamine Transporter (DaT) Scan Utilization in a Movement Disorder Center.

  title={Dopamine Transporter (DaT) Scan Utilization in a Movement Disorder Center.},
  author={Srivadee Oravivattanakul and Miguel Gx00F3mez and Guiyun Wu and Anwar E Ahmed and Ilia Itin and Scott E. Cooper and Michal T Gostkowski and Joseph Rudolph and Kristin K. Appleby and Patrick Sweeney and Hubert Henery Fernandez},
  journal={Movement disorders clinical practice},
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Background The aim of this work was to describe utilization patterns of dopamine transporter (DaT) scan and its influence on patient management at a single movement disorders center. DaT scan helps differentiate between neurodegenerative from non-neurodegenerative parkinsonism and essential tremor (ET). It has been recently approved in the United States in 2011. Methods We conducted a retrospective review of all patients, observed by movement disorders neurologists, who received a DaT scan… CONTINUE READING