Donor pool expansion in liver transplantation.

  title={Donor pool expansion in liver transplantation.},
  author={Roberto Montalti and Bruno Nardo and Riccardo Bertelli and Paolo Beltempo and Lorenza Puviani and Marco Vivarelli and Antonino Cavallari},
  journal={Transplantation proceedings},
  volume={36 3},
INTRODUCTION The shortage of donors has made it necessary to consider older subjects, those with mild or moderate steatosis, and those who are HBcAb- or hepatitis C virus (HCV)-positive as marginal donors. MATERIALS AND METHODS From April 1986 to January 2002, 690 orthotopic liver transplantations (OLTs) were performed in 603 patients. In this series we used 68 donors older than 70 years, 51 with steatosis (38 mild, 12 moderate, and 1 severe), 44 were HBcAb-positive and 6 were HCV-positive… CONTINUE READING


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