Donnan effect on chloride ion distribution as a determinant of body fluid composition that allows action potentials to spread via fast sodium channels

  title={Donnan effect on chloride ion distribution as a determinant of body fluid composition that allows action potentials to spread via fast sodium channels},
  author={Sven Kurbel},
  journal={Theoretical Biology \& Medical Modelling},
  pages={16 - 16}
  • S. Kurbel
  • Published 30 May 2011
  • Biology
  • Theoretical Biology & Medical Modelling
Proteins in any solution with a pH value that differs from their isoelectric point exert both an electric Donnan effect (DE) and colloid osmotic pressure. While the former alters the distribution of ions, the latter forces water diffusion. In cells with highly Cl--permeable membranes, the resting potential is more dependent on the cytoplasmic pH value, which alters the Donnan effect of cell proteins, than on the current action of Na/K pumps. Any weak (positive or negative) electric disturbances… 
Kinetics simulation of transmembrane transport of ions and molecules through a semipermeable membrane
We have developed a model to study the kinetics of the redistribution of ions and molecules through a semipermeable membrane in complex mixtures of substances penetrating and nonpenetrating through a
Cochlear potential difference between endolymph fluid and the hair cell's interior: a retold interpretation based on the Goldman equation.
A proposed interpretation here is that positive potential emanates from the Reissner membrane due to small influx of sodium from perilymph to endolymph, although membrane potentials result from ion fluxes across the adjacent semipermeable membranes due to concentration gradients.
Cystic fibrosis: model of pathogenesis based on the apical membrane potential.
  • B. Kurbel, S. Rapan, S. Kurbel
  • Biology, Medicine
    Medicinski glasnik : official publication of the Medical Association of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2015
A simple model of cystic fibrosis (CF) is proposed, based on the apical membrane (ApM) potential, which predicts that the sodium driving force increases more than 3.5 times if the ApM permeability for Cl- increases from 5-94% of the sodium permeability.
Expression of Na/K-ATPase subunits in the human cochlea: a confocal and super-resolution microscopy study with special reference to auditory nerve excitation and cochlear implantation
The human auditory nerve displays distinct morphologic features represented in its molecular expression and it was found that electric signals generated via hair cells may not go uninterrupted across the spiral ganglion, but are locally processed.
A vector-free ECG interpretation with P, QRS & T waves as unbalanced transitions between stable configurations of the heart electric field during P-R, S-T & T-P segments
  • S. Kurbel
  • Physics
    Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
  • 2013
The three ECG waves can be described as unbalanced transitions of the heart electric field from one stable configuration to the next and in that process the electric field center is temporarily displaced.
Role of the human erythrocyte in generation and storage of asymmetric dimethylarginine.
It is concluded that intact erythrocytes play an important role in storage and generation of ADMA, whereas upon ERYthrocyte lysis large amounts of free ADMA are generated by proteolysis of methylated proteins, which may affect plasma levels in hemolysis-associated diseases.


Activation of ion transport pathways by changes in cell volume.
Modulation of ionic permeability in a nonpolarized cell: effect of cAMP.
These studies suggest that cAMP modulates ionic chloride permeability via increased chloride conductance of each Cl(-)-HCO3- antiporter or by activation/opening of new or existing channels in RBC membranes.
Which Ions are Important for the Maintenance of the Resting Membrane Potential of the Cells of the Sinotrial Node of the Rabbit
The cell of the sinoatrial (SA) node have a resting potential of — 30 to — 50 mV. This is a relatively low value compared to working myocardium. The response of the cells of the SA node to change in
Studies on the passage of water, electrolytes and proteins into the cerebrospinal fluid in the human
The passage of tritiated water, some electrolytes and iodinated serum albumin from the plasma into the ventricular and lumbar cerebrospinal fluid has been studied in normal humans during a period of
Clinical and therapeutic significance of the Na+,K+ pump*.
The regulatory and pathophysiological changes in the activity and concentration of Na+, K+-pumps are important for the contractile function of skeletal muscle and heart as well as for K+ homoeostasis and the response to digitalization.
Generation of resting membrane potential.
  • S. Wright
  • Biology
    Advances in physiology education
  • 2004
The intention is to provide students a general view of the quantitative relationship that exists between 1) transmembrane gradients for K(+ and Na(+) and 2) the relative channel-mediated permeability of the membrane to these ions.
High capillary permeability in fishes.
Red Blood Cells: Centerpiece in the Evolution of the Vertebrate Circulatory System
It is proposed that the large capillary di-ameters and large RBCs in urodeles reflect the evolutionary development of apulmonary vascular supply and that RBC size attends changes in capillary diameter.