Donepezil-induced REM sleep augmentation enhances memory performance in elderly, healthy persons

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REM sleep enhancement induced by different procedures improves memory retention in rats
The results suggest that an experimentally induced increase of PS after learning facilitates memory consolidation, and there was a highly significant correlation between post‐training PS values and retention scores.
Alzheimer's disease: neurotransmitters of the sleep-wake cycle.
Alzheimer’s disease: Neurotransmitters of the sleep-wake cycle
Effects of donepezil (Aricept) on the rapid eye movement sleep of normal subjects
The results indicated that the percentage of rapid eye movement sleep to total sleep time was increased significantly by a single dose of 5 mg of donepezil when given to healthy subjects immediately before retiring to bed.
Sleep, Cognition, and Normal Aging
  • M. Scullin, D. Bliwise
  • Psychology
    Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science
  • 2015
The literature is interpreted as suggesting that maintaining good sleep quality, at least in young adulthood and middle age, promotes better cognitive functioning and serves to protect against age-related cognitive declines.
[Nightmares in patients with Alzheimer's disease caused by donepezil. Therapeutic effect depends on the time of intake].
It is suggested that the activation of the visual association cortex during REM sleep is enhanced by donepezil, a mechanism most likely facilitating the development of nightmares in patients with DAT.
REM Sleep and Visuo-Motor Skill Learning : A Correlational Study
Non-sleep related factors, low cortisol levels and low acetylcholine levels in the first part of the night have been shown to be important in early sleep-dependent declarative memory; demonstrating the importance of considering circadian effects.
Does age worsen sleep‐dependent memory consolidation?
In older adults, sleep did not enhance memory consolidation significantly compared to wakefulness, and age‐related changes in sleep parameters may have a negative impact on memory consolidation in older adults.


Dependence on REM sleep of overnight improvement of a perceptual skill.
Performance of a basic visual discrimination task improved after a normal night's sleep, indicating that a process of human memory consolidation, active during sleep, is strongly dependent on REM sleep.
Sleep states and memory processes
Effect of tetrahydroaminoacridine on sleep in healthy subjects
Effects of the Novel Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor SDZ ENA 713 on Sleep in Man
It is demonstrated that SDZ ENA 713 is centrally active in man at well-tolerated doses and a statistically significant increase in rapid-eye movement sleep density was observed after doses of 1 mg, 1.3 mg, and 2 mg.
The neuropsychology of REM sleep dreaming.
Recent PET imaging and brain lesion studies in humans are integrated with new basic research findings at the cellular level in animals to explain how the formal cognitive features of dreaming may be