Corpus ID: 30920760

Domination Parameters and Gallai-type Theorems for Directed Trees

  title={Domination Parameters and Gallai-type Theorems for Directed Trees},
  author={Jason Albertson and Audene Harris and Larry J. Langley and Sarah K. Merz},
  journal={Ars Comb.},
  • Jason Albertson, Audene Harris, +1 author Sarah K. Merz
  • Published in Ars Comb. 2006
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • A method for forming a photosensitive element comprising a plurality of single effective silver halide grains in a predetermined spaced array which comprises coalescing a fine-grain silver halide emulsion in a plurality of predetermined spaced depressions in a surface, wherein said coalescence is carried out by contacting said fine-grain emulsion with a silver halide solvent in the vapor phase. 

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