Dominant role of cAMP in regulation of microvessel permeability.

  title={Dominant role of cAMP in regulation of microvessel permeability.},
  author={Ping-sheng He and Min Song Zeng and Fitz-Roy Curry},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology},
  volume={278 4},
We reported previously that increasing cAMP levels in endothelial cells attenuated ATP-induced increases in hydraulic conductivity (L(p)), and that the activation of cGMP-dependent pathways was a necessary step to increase L(p) in response to inflammatory mediators. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the role of basal levels of cAMP in microvessel permeability under resting conditions and to evaluate the cross talk between cAMP- and cGMP-dependent signaling mechanisms in regulation of… CONTINUE READING