Dominant negative ATM mutations in breast cancer families.

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@article{ChenevixTrench2002DominantNA, title={Dominant negative ATM mutations in breast cancer families.}, author={Georgia Chenevix-Trench and Amanda B. Spurdle and Magtouf H Gatei and Helena Kelly and Anna J. Marsh and Xiaoqing Chen and Karen Donn and Margaret C. Cummings and Dale R. Nyholt and Mark Jenkins and Clare L. Scott and Gulietta M. Pupo and Thilo D{\"{o}rk and Regina Bendix and Judy Kirk and Katherine M. Tucker and Margaret R. E. McCredie and John L. Hopper and Joseph F Sambrook and Graham J. Mann and Kum Kum Khanna}, journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute}, year={2002}, volume={94 3}, pages={205-15} }