Dominant arrhythmia vulnerability of the right ventricle in senescent mice.

  title={Dominant arrhythmia vulnerability of the right ventricle in senescent mice.},
  author={M{\`e}ra Stein and Maartje Noorman and Toon A. B. van Veen and Eva Maria Herold and Markus A. Engelen and Mohamed Boulaksil and Gudrun Antoons and John A. Jansen and Matthijs F. M. van Oosterhout and Richard N. W. Hauer and Jacques M. T. de Bakker and Harold Victor Maria van Rijen},
  journal={Heart rhythm},
  volume={5 3},
BACKGROUND Several cardiac disorders affect the right ventricle (RV) and left ventricle (LV) equally, but nevertheless, RV vulnerability to conduction slowing and arrhythmias exceeds that of the LV. OBJECTIVE This study sought to assess the mechanism of dominant RV arrhythmia vulnerability in senescent mice as a model of general reduced myocardial integrity. METHODS Epicardial ventricular activation mapping was performed on senescent (22 months) and adult (3 months) Langendorff perfused… CONTINUE READING

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