Domestication of Yams (Dioscorea Cayenensis-Rotundata) within the Bariba Ethnic Group in Benin

  title={Domestication of Yams (Dioscorea Cayenensis-Rotundata) within the Bariba Ethnic Group in Benin},
  author={R. Dumont and P. Vernier},
  journal={Outlook on Agriculture},
  pages={137 - 142}
  • R. Dumont, P. Vernier
  • Published 2000
  • Economics
  • Outlook on Agriculture
  • The domestication of yams (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata) is still an active process in west Africa, but so far no specific research has been conducted to collect the knowledge held by traditional societies in which the yam is an important part of civilization. Personal observations made in the zone from Guinea to northern Cameroon, however, long ago convinced the authors that rural populations often have very detailed knowledge concerning the domestication of yams. This is the case in… CONTINUE READING
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