Domestication of Yams (Dioscorea Cayenensis-Rotundata) within the Bariba Ethnic Group in Benin

  title={Domestication of Yams (Dioscorea Cayenensis-Rotundata) within the Bariba Ethnic Group in Benin},
  author={Roland Dumont and Philippe Vernier},
  journal={Outlook on Agriculture},
  pages={137 - 142}
The domestication of yams (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata) is still an active process in west Africa, but so far no specific research has been conducted to collect the knowledge held by traditional societies in which the yam is an important part of civilization. Personal observations made in the zone from Guinea to northern Cameroon, however, long ago convinced the authors that rural populations often have very detailed knowledge concerning the domestication of yams. This is the case in… 

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Yam (Dioscorea ssp.) domestication by the Nago and Fon ethnic groups in Benin

This process of domestication of wild yams of the section Enantiophyllum by African farmers has potential in yam breeding and appears to be a strategy that could be useful to breeders, while developing a methodology for participatory breeding of yam.

Cultivation and possible domestication of feral and possibly wild yams (Dioscorea spp.) in Southwest Ethiopia: ethnobotanical and morphological evidence

The study revealed that domestication is still active in some villages of far Southwest Ethiopians and the domestication practices of traditional farmers should be taken into account if yam conservation and improvement plans need to be established.

Genetic Nature of Yams (Dioscorea sp.) Domesticated by Farmers in Benin (West Africa)

It is shown that through domestication farmers influence and increase the genetic diversity in yam by using sexual reproduction of wild and possibly cultivated yams.

Participatory assessment of local yam cultivars (D. cayenensis and D. rotundata) in Benin.

Guinea yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir. and Dioscorea cayenensis Lam.) is a na­tive, old and traditional crop of West Africa. A long history of cultivation combined with high genetic diversity has led

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Fonio millet (Digitaria exilis Stapf, Digitaria iburua Stapf) is known in Togo far several centuries and has played a strategic role in the household food security mainly in rural areas. Using

Studies on Yam Domestication and Farmers' Practices in Benin and Nigeria

This paper combines the results of surveys carried out between 1995 and 2001 in Benin and Nigeria on farmers' practices in connection with the domestication of yams (Dioscorea rotundata), which is

Population Genomics of Yams: Evolution and Domestication of Dioscorea Species

A summary of current understanding of sex-determination system in Dioscorea is given and the domestication of yam is addressed from population genomics perspectives by focusing on the processes of hybridization and polyploidization.

Use of cpSSRs for the characterisation of yam phylogeny in Benin.

To study patterns of yam evolution and to establish phylogenetic relationships existing between wild and cultivated species sampled in Benin, changes in chloroplast DNA simple sequence repeats (cpSSR) in 148 yam accessions were investigated to cover the wider possible genetic diversity existing in the country.

Development of a West African yam Dioscorea spp. core collection

Yams (Dioscorea spp.) are important crops in some West African locations. The West African yam collections held at the IITA were characterized using the standard descriptor list for this crop



Structure, origine génétique des ignames cultivées du complexe Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata et domestication des ignames en Afrique de l'Ouest

Mise en evidence de la multi specificite du complexe de groupes varietaux et des clones par electrophorese, mise enevidence de 2 classes differant par la morphologie and le type de developpements.

Origin and phylogeny of Guinea yams as revealed by RFLP analysis of chloroplast DNA and nuclear DNA

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