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Domesticating domestication: reflections on the life of a concept

  title={Domesticating domestication: reflections on the life of a concept},
  author={Roger Silverstone},
Social Media and Youth
This entry examines young people's experience of social media. While the term “social media” often refers to a more restrictive range of internet based platforms, a broader understanding of social
Domestication of a Robotic Medication-Dispensing Service Among Older People in Finnish Lapland
The domestication of the service was successful, although the service users sometimes felt that it limited their lives, and the service supports “aging in place,” in line with the Finnish care policy.
Consuming Digital Technologies and Enacting Identities: Mothers in Mundane Daily Life
This manuscript examines mothers’ consumption of digital technologies to enact their individual, relational, and familial identities. Using phemenological interviews it finds mothers purposefully
“Domesticating” the City
The aim of this article is to rethink the analysis of urban life and the practices involving the use of urban space. To that end, we focus on the value that such practices have for social enquiry by
Domesticating the Disney Tween Machine: Norwegian Tweens Enacting Age and Everyday Life
Disney, parents and children constructing tweens.This thesis explores the age group 9-12 years, called tweens as they are considered to be in-between children and adolescents. The term tweens was f
Time‐out/time‐in: the dynamics of everyday experiential computing devices
This paper applied a theoretically informed grounded approach to data collected through a longitudinal field study of smartphone users during a 6‐month period based on the concept of time‐in/out and analysed the dynamics in the experience of a device that changes from the ‘extraordinary’ to the “ordinary” over time.
Spaces of hope, enlivenment and entanglement: Explorations in the spatial logic of celebrity culinary brands
This article explores the production of the ‘Nigella’ celebrity brand through forms of gendered talk performed by means of online community forums. The complexity and appeal of celebrity culinary
The domestication of online technologies by smaller businesses and the 'busy day'
Limitaciones y alcances del enfoque de domesticación de la tecnología en el estudio del teléfono celular
The usefulness of the domestication approach applied to the study of mobile communication technologies in general and the cell phone in particular is examined and the need to "purificate" the concept of domestication to enlarge the domain of analysis and include the processes of use and appropriation outside the domestic sphere is noted.
Internet Enabled Personal Choice-The Culmination of Domesticated Information and Communication Technologies
This report seeks to extend and apply the conceptua l framework about the domestication of information and communication technologies. The dom estication framework understands the adoption of