Domestic Violence, Criminal Justice Responses and Homelessness: Finding the Connection and Addressing the Problem

  title={Domestic Violence, Criminal Justice Responses and Homelessness: Finding the Connection and Addressing the Problem},
  author={Jana L. Bufkin and Judith Bray},
  journal={Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless},
As more social scientists examine the female side of social issues a host of questions are answered and further inquiries form in the wings. Two fields where much detailed and valuable information on women have been provided, and many questions still remain, are social work and criminal justice. A meeting point for these disciplines lies in the area of homelessness and females. By most accounts, a sizable proportion of homeless women, many of whom are mothers, become homeless due to domestic… 

Domestic Violence and Housing Problems

Women's odds of reporting homelessness were reduced by 30% if police officers responded positively and the importance of changing system responses in an effort to reduce women's housing problems and risks for homelessness after separation is highlighted.

A Feminist Analysis of Flight of Abused Women, Plight of Canadian Shelters: Another Road to Homelessness

The paper explores the link between women abuse and homelessness. Although the examples are drawn from Canada, the argument is that the plight of abused women is similar throughout North America.

The Pertinence of Partners

The authors explicate the complex intersection between women’s homelessness and their adult relationships to add to the understanding of homeless women.

Homelessness, Violence Exposure, and School Participation among Urban Adolescent Mothers.

Using a risk and resilience framework, this exploratory study examines the relationships between homelessness, exposure to multiple types of violence, and school participation within a survey sample

Mapping the social relations of violence and homelessness in the everyday lives of women: An institutional ethnography

Intimate partner violence against women is still a common occurrence and it leads to women being vulnerable to experiencing homelessness. This study mapped the social relations organizing women’s

Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty

A growing body of research indicates that batterers often threaten, hurt, or kill family pets as a means of coercing and controlling their female partners and that women sometimes delay seeking

Effects of Arrest on Intimate Partner Violence Incidence and Revictimization: Logistic Regression and Regression Time Series Analysis of the National Crime Victimization Survey from 1987 to 2003

The police have actively intervened in intimate partner violence (IPV) since the 1980’s to hold batterers accountable by legal punishment, to prevent future violence, and to provide victims’ safety.

Battering and the Poverty Trap

ABSTRACT Structured interviews with women on welfare (n = 40) reveal the costs of taking a beating. Thirty-five percent of respondents reported having been physically abused by their current or most



Homeless Women and Men: Their Problems and Use of Services

This article reports on a study of 444 homeless persons in Richmond, Virginia, that examined the relationships among homelessness and gender; current and past problems; and various demographic

Why does family homelessness occur? A case-control study.

The data suggest that solutions to family homelessness in the current housing market require an increase in the supply of decent affordable housing, income maintenance, and assistance from social welfare agencies focused on rebuilding supportive relationships.

Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice Response

Chapter 1 - Introduction: The Role and Context of the CJ System The Primacy of the CJ System A. Have Multiple Goals of the CJ System led to a loss of clarity? B. Why Changes Occurred? PART I: CONTEXT

The Domestic Assault of Women: Psychological and Criminal Justice Perspectives

Preface Acknowledgments 1. History and Incidence of Wife Assault 2. Explanations for Wife Assault: Psychiatry, Sociobiology, and Sociology 3. The Social Psychology of the Wife Assaulter: The Theory

Official Reactions to Social Problems: Police Decisions in Sexual Assault Cases

Responsibility for arrest and charging makes police influential agents in the offical processing of sexual-assault cases. Recent research offers three competing models of police decisions: the legal

Homeless women with minor children in the Detroit metropolitan area.

When available resources fail in prevention, programming should address the effects of homelessness on children, because these effects perpetuate a cycle that will increase the homeless population in future generations.

The prevalence of abuse among homeless and housed poor mothers: a comparison study.

  • L. Goodman
  • Psychology
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 1991
The history of physical and sexual abuse among 50 homeless and 50 housed poor mothers was compared, with particular attention to details of prevalence, type, and severity. No significant differences

Differences among Homeless Single Women, Women with Children, and Single Men

This article presents descriptive data for homeless single women and women with children, and contrasts it to parallel data for single homeless men. It explores demographic characteristics (race,

Women, violence, and social change

1. Violence Against Women, 2. The Rise of the Movement: Orientations and Issues, 3. Refuges and Housing, 4. The State, Public Policy and Social Change, 5. Challenging the Justice System, 6. New Laws

Formal and Informal Deterrents to Domestic Violence: The Dade County Spouse Assault Experiment

Recent formulations of deterrence theory suggest that informal sanctions mediate the effects of formal sanctions. A randomized field experiment in Dade County was designed to test the relative