Dombrock gene analysis in Brazilian people reveals novel alleles.

  title={Dombrock gene analysis in Brazilian people reveals novel alleles.},
  author={Wilson Baleotti and Mar{\'i}a Martha R{\'i}os and Marion E. Reid and Ghazala Hashmi and Antonio Fabron and Jord{\~a}o Pellegrino and Lilian Castilho},
  journal={Vox sanguinis},
  volume={91 1},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The Doa and Dob polymorphisms are associated with three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in exon 2 of the DO gene: 378C/T, 624T/C and 793A/G for the DOA and DOB alleles, respectively. The SNPs 350C/T (JO allele) and 323G/T (HY allele) are associated with the Jo(a-) and Hy-negative phenotypes. Recently, two new DO alleles [DOB-SH (378C, 624C, 793G) and DOA-HA (378T, 624T, 793A)] were identified using microarray technology. Although the molecular background of… CONTINUE READING

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