Domains required for nucleic acid binding activities in chloroplast ribonucleoproteins.

  title={Domains required for nucleic acid binding activities in chloroplast ribonucleoproteins.},
  author={L H Ye and Masahiro Sugiura},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={20 23},
Five ribonucleoproteins (or RNA-binding proteins) from tobacco chloroplasts have been identified to date; each of these contains an acidic N-terminal domain (24-64 amino acids) and two conserved RNA-binding domains (82-83 amino acids). All five ribonucleoproteins can bind to ssDNA and dsDNA but show high specificity for poly(G) and poly(U). Here we present the nucleic acid binding activity of each domain using a series of deletion mutant proteins made in vitro from the chloroplast 29 kDa… CONTINUE READING
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