Domains of yeast plasma membrane and ATPase-associated glycoprotein.

  title={Domains of yeast plasma membrane and ATPase-associated glycoprotein.},
  author={Ram{\'o}n Serrano and Consuelo Montesinos and Mariela Rold{\'a}n and Gabino Garrido Garrido and Charles H. Ferguson and Kevin J. Leonard and Brian C Monk and David Scott Perlin and Elmar W. Weiler},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1062 2},
In yeast homogenates the plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase and a major surface glycoprotein of about 115 kDa are present in two membrane fractions with peak densities in sucrose gradients of 1.17 and 1.22. Immunogold electron microscopy of frozen yeast sections indicates that the ATPase is exclusively (greater than 95%) present at the surface membrane. Therefore the two ATPase-containing fractions appear to correspond to different domains of the plasma membrane. The 115 kDa glycoprotein is tightly… CONTINUE READING