Domains in plexins: links to integrins and transcription factors.

  title={Domains in plexins: links to integrins and transcription factors.},
  author={Peer Bork and Tobias Doerks and Timothy A Springer and Berend Snel},
  journal={Trends in biochemical sciences},
  volume={24 7},
Integrins are adhesion molecules that bind diverse cell-surface and extracellular-matrix ligands1. They are heterodimeric receptors, containing a and b subunits. No significant sequence similarity between the extracellular domains of integrin b subunits and any other protein has been reported, although the presence of a DXSXS motif, and secondarystructure predictions, suggests that the most-conserved region adopts an I-domain-like fold (also called a von Willebrand factor A domain)2–4… CONTINUE READING

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