Domain walls and flux tubes in N=2 SQCD: D-brane prototypes

  title={Domain walls and flux tubes in N=2 SQCD: D-brane prototypes},
  author={M. Shifman and Alexei V Yung},
  • M. Shifman, Alexei V Yung
  • Published 2003
  • Physics
  • This paper could have been entitled "D branes and strings from flesh and blood." We study field theoretic prototypes of D branes/strings. To this end we consider (2+1)-dimensional domain walls in (3+1)-dimensional N=2 SQCD with SU(2) gauge group and two quark flavors in the fundamental representation. This theory is perturbed by a small mass term of the adjoint matter which, in the leading order in the mass parameter, does not break N=2 supersymmetry, and reduces to a (generalized) Fayet… CONTINUE READING

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