Domain and event structure semantics for Petri nets with read and inhibitor arcs

  title={Domain and event structure semantics for Petri nets with read and inhibitor arcs},
  author={Paolo Baldan and Nadia Busi and Andrea Corradini and G. Michele Pinna},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
We propose a functorial concurrent semantics for Petri nets ex ended withread and inhibitor arcs, that we call inhibitor nets. Along the lines of the seminal work by Winskel on safe (ordinary) nets, the truly concurrent semantics is g iven at a categorical level via a chain of coreflections leading from the category SW-IN of semi-weighted inhibitor nets to the categoryDom of finitary prime algebraic domains (equivalent to the categ ory PES of prime event structures). As an intermediate semantic… CONTINUE READING
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