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Domain Walls in the Heisenberg-Ising Spin-1/2 Chain

  title={Domain Walls in the Heisenberg-Ising Spin-1/2 Chain},
  author={Axel Saenz and Craig A. Tracy and Harold Widom},
In this paper we obtain formulas for the distribution of the left-most up-spin in the HeisenbergIsing spin-1/2 chain with anisotropy parameter ∆, also known as the XXZ spin-1/2 chain, on the one-dimensional lattice Z with domain wall initial conditions. We use the Bethe Ansatz to solve the Schrödinger equation and a recent antisymmetrization identity of Cantini, Colomo, and Pronko [9] to simplify the marginal distribution of the left-most up-spin. In the ∆ = 0 case, the distribution F2 arises… 

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