Dold-kan Type Theorem for ? -groups by Teimuraz Pirashvili

  title={Dold-kan Type Theorem for ? -groups by Teimuraz Pirashvili},
  author={Alexander Razmadze and Math Inst Alexidze and Tbilisi and H.-J Baues and J.-L Loday and Erik K. Pedersen},
0. Introduction ?-spaces were introduced by Segal S], who proved that they are com-binatorial models for connective spectra (see also A], BF]). Based on Kan-Thurston theorem we show that any ?-space is stably weak equivalent to a discrete ?-group. By a well-known theorem of Dold-Kan the Moore normalization establishes the equivalence between the category of simplicial abelian groups and the category of chain complexes (see DP]). mimicking the construction of normalization of simplicial groups… CONTINUE READING
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