Dogs demonstrate the existence of an epileptic seizure odour in humans

  title={Dogs demonstrate the existence of an epileptic seizure odour in humans},
  author={Am{\'e}lie Catala and Marine Grandgeorge and Jean-Luc Schaff and Hugo Cousillas and Martine Hausberger and Jennifer Cattet},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
Although different studies have shown that diseases such as breast or lung cancer are associated with specific bodily odours, no study has yet tested the possibility that epileptic seizures may be reflected in an olfactory profile, probably because there is a large variety of seizure types. The question is whether a “seizure-odour”, that would be transversal to individuals and types of seizures, exists. This would be a pre requisite for potential anticipation, either by electronic systems (e.g… CONTINUE READING

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