Dogs are definitive hosts of Neospora caninum.

  title={Dogs are definitive hosts of Neospora caninum.},
  author={Milton M. McAllister and Jitender Prakash Dubey and David S. Lindsay and William R Jolley and R A Wills and Antonio M. McGuire},
  journal={International journal for parasitology},
  volume={28 9},
Dogs were investigated to determine if they are definitive hosts of Neospora caninum. Four dogs were fed N. caninum tissue cysts in infected mouse tissue, and two negative control dogs were fed uninfected mouse tissue. Dog faeces were examined daily for 30 days using a sucrose flotation technique. Three challenged dogs shed spherical to subspherical unsporulated oocysts, measuring 10 to 11 microns in diameter. Oocysts sporulated within 3 days and contained two sporocysts, each with four… CONTINUE READING
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