Dogs, distemper and osteitis deformans: a further epidemiological study.

  title={Dogs, distemper and osteitis deformans: a further epidemiological study.},
  author={J. B. O'Driscoll and Helen Buckler and J Jeacock and Daniel C. Anderson},
  journal={Bone and mineral},
  volume={11 2},
There is extensive evidence linking paramyxoviruses, notably measles and respiratory syncytial virus, with Paget's disease of bone. The epidemiology of Paget's disease does not fit with that of known human paramyxovirus infections and it is possible that the disease is a zoonosis with domestic animals acting as host. Canine distemper, a paramyxovirus of the morbillovirus family (closely related to measles) is therefore a potential candidate. We have surveyed previous pet ownership in 150 Paget… CONTINUE READING
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