Dog ecology and demography in Antananarivo, 2007

  title={Dog ecology and demography in Antananarivo, 2007},
  author={Maherisoa Ratsitorahina and Jhon H Rasambainarivo and Soloherilala Raharimanana and Hary Rakotonandrasana and Marie-Perle Andriamiarisoa and Fidilalao A Rakalomanana and Vincent Richard},
  journal={BMC Veterinary Research},
  pages={21 - 21}
BACKGROUND Rabies is a widespread disease in African domestic dogs and a serious public health problem in developing countries. Canine rabies became established in Africa during the 20th century, coinciding with ecologic changes that favored its emergence in canids.This paper reports the results of a cross-sectional study of dog ecology in the Antananarivo urban community in Madagascar.A questionnaire survey of 1541 households was conducted in Antananarivo from October 2007 to January 2008. The… CONTINUE READING
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