Does the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism Defeat God’s Beliefs?

  title={Does the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism Defeat God’s Beliefs?},
  author={Perry Hendricks and Tina Anderson},
Alvin Plantinga has famously argued that the naturalist who accepts evolutionary theory has a defeater for all of her beliefs, including her belief in naturalism and evolution. Hence, he says, naturalism, when conjoined with evolution, is self-defeating and cannot be rationally accepted. This is known as the evolutionary argument against naturalism (EAAN). However, Tyler Wunder (Religious Studies 51:391–399, 2015 ) has recently shown that if the EAAN is framed in terms of objective probability… Expand


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The modality of theism and probabilistic natural theology: a tension in Alvin Plantinga's philosophy
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