Does pre‐exercise static stretching inhibit maximal muscular performance? A meta‐analytical review

  title={Does pre‐exercise static stretching inhibit maximal muscular performance? A meta‐analytical review},
  author={L. {\vS}imi{\'c} and N. {\vS}arabon and G. Markovi{\'c}},
  journal={Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports},
  • L. Šimić, N. Šarabon, G. Marković
  • Published 2013
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports
  • We applied a meta-analytical approach to derive a robust estimate of the acute effects of pre-exercise static stretching (SS) on strength, power, and explosive muscular performance. [...] Key Method A computerized search of articles published between 1966 and December 2010 was performed using PubMed, SCOPUS, and Web of Science databases. A total of 104 studies yielding 61 data points for strength, 12 data points for power, and 57 data points for explosive performance met our inclusion criteria. The pooled…Expand Abstract

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