Does penis size influence condom slippage and breakage?

  title={Does penis size influence condom slippage and breakage?},
  author={A. M. A. Smith and D Jolley and J Hocking and Kathryn Benton and John Gerofi},
  journal={International Journal of STD and AIDS},
  pages={444 - 447}
This study examined the effect of penis dimensions on the probability of complete condom slippage and condom breakage in actual use. Men were recruited through advertising, used the condoms supplied and completed a diary sheet for each condom used. A total of 3658 condoms were used by 184 men of which 1.34 broke and 2.05 slipped off. No significant effect was demonstrated for penile dimensions on the probability of complete condom slippage. However, condom breakage was strongly associated with… 

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Breakage, slippage and acceptability outcomes of a condom fitted to penile dimensions
Fitted condoms may be valuable to sexually transmitted infection prevention efforts, particularly for men with larger penile dimensions, and that fitted condoms slipped more for some men provides insights into the need for unique educational materials to accompany such products.
Factors Affecting Men's Liking of Condoms they have Used
Given that most of the factors associated with men liking condoms less are those that can be addressed through better condom design and manufacture, the opportunity exists to enhance men's experience of condom use and hence reduce resistance to the adoption of consistent condom use.
An evaluation of a thicker versus a standard condom with gay men
There is no evidence from the present investigation to support the use of stronger (thicker) condoms over standard strength condoms among gay men, and the appropriate use of additional lubricant should be encouraged.
Assessing Male Condom Failure and Incorrect Use
Self-reported breakage and slippage was associated with moderate/high PSA concentrations in postcoital swabs only when the malfunctions were not accompanied by reports of corrective actions to reduce exposure, and used correctly, male condoms afforded good protection based on objective measures of failure.
If the condom doesn't fit, you must resize it.
Men with broken condoms: who and why?
STI clinics could potentially benefit some men by providing instructions on the correct use of condoms, and condom-specific behaviours associated with breakage may occur in a larger context of difficulties with condoms.
Condom use errors and problems: a global view.
The frequency of various condom use errors and problems reported worldwide is presented, and a new model is put forward: the Condom Use Experience model, which can be used to generate testable hypotheses for future research.
Penile dimensions and men’s perceptions of condom fit and feel
Those men with the most negative perceptions of condom fit and feel may benefit from an assessment of their condom-related concerns as a component of community and clinic based STI prevention interventions in order to help them select from the variety of condoms in the marketplace that they may find to be better fitting or more comfortable.


Condom slippage and breakage rates.
A prospective study using two brands of condoms found that of 405 condoms used for intercourse, 7.9% either broke during intercourse or withdrawal or slipped off during intercourse; none of these
Condom breakage and slippage among men in the United States.
Condom breakage and slippage appear to be 4-5 times higher among black men than among men of other races and elevated among low-income men and those who used condoms relatively infrequently in the six months before the survey.
Does additional lubrication affect condom slippage and breakage?
If the use of additional lubricant has little or no impact on condom breakage but increases condom slippage then encouraging its use may be counterproductive if condom users consider slipperage to be a reason not to use condoms.
Why Do Condoms Break or Slip off in Use? An Exploratory Study
As no single easily corrected factor was found to correlate with condoms breaking or slipping off, the development of stronger and better retained products should be encouraged and the validity of conventional instructions for applying condoms should be questioned.
The effectiveness of condom use in heterosexual prostitution in The Netherlands
In view of the low rate of condom failure in heterosexual prostitution in The Netherlands, the potential spread of HIV by this means is small and the use of a greater variety of condom sizes may further reduce the failure rate.
Aspects of comfort and safety of condom
It appears that the condoms rarely (1.3%) ruptured or slipped of during the actural intercourse, so emphasis must be put on consistency and skill in the use of condoms rather on technical improvements in the promotion of condoms as a means of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV.
How Often Do Condoms Break or Slip off in Use?
Men attending sexually transmissible disease clinics and a university health service in Sydney were given a questionnaire asking how many condoms they had used in the past year and how many broke during application or use or slipped off, finding unevenly distributed breakage and slippage.