Does online “slacktivism” actually do more harm than good?

  title={Does online “slacktivism” actually do more harm than good?},
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Clicktivism: A Systematic Heuristic

This article argues that clicktivism is a legitimate political act. It emphasizes that such acts, through a recurrent negative discourse, have been marginalized. As a result, new modes of

Facebook as a tool for discursive resistance: a case study

Iran is one of the few countries in the world with laws of compulsory hijab for women, regardless of their religion. In the last couple of years, Iranian women have formed online communities to

E-technology and Community Participation: Exploring the Ethical Implications for Community-based Social Workers

ABSTRACT To date, much of the work on social work, ethics and technology has been focused on clinical social work and micromorality—the ethical practices of the worker and their clients in one-on-one