Does music soothe the soul? Evaluating the impact of a music education programme in Medellin, Colombia

  title={Does music soothe the soul? Evaluating the impact of a music education programme in Medellin, Colombia},
  author={Jonathan Daniel G{\'o}mez-Zapata and Luis C{\'e}sar Herrero-Prieto and Beatriz Rodr{\'i}guez-Prado},
  journal={Journal of Cultural Economics},
Numerous studies have borne out the effects of cultural and music education on individuals’ well-being, considering music as a mainly systematic practice or skill or as established educational supply. However, few studies assess the impact of music programmes designed to achieve specific goals, where music is considered as a tool for social change. As a case study, we take the Medellin Music School Network (Colombia), whose education programme for music initiation has been running for 23 years… 

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