Does microdamage accumulation affect the mechanical properties of bone?

  title={Does microdamage accumulation affect the mechanical properties of bone?},
  author={David B. Burr and C. H. Turner and P A Naick and Mark R. Forwood and Walter T. Ambrosius and Mohammed S. Hasan and Ramana Pidaparti},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={31 4},
It has never been demonstrated that microcrack accumulation in bone leads to impaired mechanical properties. We hypothesized that microdamage accumulation is positively and linearly correlated with a reduction in bone's elastic modulus. We also tested the hypothesis that damage accumulates more rapidly in tensile cortices, but crack growth is greater in compressive cortices. Canine femurs (n = 26) were tested in four-point cyclic bending under load control until they had lost between 5 and 43… CONTINUE READING
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