Does information have mass? [Point of View]

  title={Does information have mass? [Point of View]},
  author={L. Kish and C. Granqvist},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE},
This article addresses the fundamental question of minimum mass related to a bit of information from the angles of quantum physics and special relativity. The results indicate that there are different answers depending on the physical situation, and sometimes the mass can even be negative. It tends to be skeptical about the earlier mass estimations, mentioned above, because the results indicate that the electron's mass does not play a role in any one of them. Finally, in a seemingly related but… Expand
Based on the Brillouin (negentropic) principle, we answer to the question: Does information have mass? The obtained answer is affirmative and the mass associated to a bit of information (which isExpand
The information catastrophe
  • M. Vopson
  • Environmental Science, Computer Science
  • 2020
The estimates here point to another singularity event for the authors' planet, called the Information Catastrophe, which will account for more than half of the Earths mass, according to the mass energy information equivalence principle. Expand
Benchmarking inscribed matter probes
Abstract We have explored the optimal frequency of interstellar photon communications and benchmarked other particles as information carriers in previous papers of this series. We now compare theExpand
Energy Model of Data Storage Process
  • T. Tatarnikova, E. Poymanova
  • Computer Science
  • 2019 Wave Electronics and its Application in Information and Telecommunication Systems (WECONF)
  • 2019
A mathematical model for increasing storage time and data integrity by increasing the energy barrier of the minimum data storage unit is proposed and results show a significant reduction in energy consumption with an increase in the size of the logical data block. Expand


We hypothesize possible new types of forces that would be the result of new types of interactions, static and a slow transient, between objects with related information contents (pattern). SuchExpand
Weight fluctuations of information storage media
In this essentially Unsolved Problems of Noise (UPoN) paper we further study the question recently posed in Fluctuation and Noise Letters (December 2007), if there is and interaction between bodiesExpand
Energy requirement of control: Comments on Szilard's engine and Maxwell's demon
In mathematical physical analyses of Szilard's engine and Maxwell's demon, a general assumption (explicit or implicit) is that one can neglect the energy needed for relocating the piston in Szilard'sExpand
Future Directions in Electronic Computing and Information Processing
By applying the principles of physics, some characteristic features of the current situation are discussed and if some exotic new technologies such as nanoelectronics or quantum computing would be able to save us from this slowdown of microprocessor performance are considered. Expand
Stealth communication : Zero-power classical communication, zero-quantum quantum communication and environmental-noise communication
An alternative physical way of communication, communication by the inherent background noise, is proposed which does not need net energy transfer in the information channel. The communicator devicesExpand
Moore's law and the energy requirement of computing versus performance
It has recently been recognised that speed, noise and energy dissipation are strongly interrelated entities. Following Moore's law of miniaturisation, at sizes below 40 nm, physics will imposeExpand
Six years of the fifth force
The enunciation of the 'fifth force' hypothesis in 1986 spawned a generation of experiments searching for deviations from newtonian gravity. Although no compelling evidence for any new weak forcesExpand
Electrical Maxwell Demon and Szilard Engine Utilizing Johnson Noise, Measurement, Logic and Control
A purely electrical version of Maxwell's demon which does not involve mechanically moving parts and has purely electronic controls and is free of the major weakness of the original Szilard engine in not requiring removal and repositioning the piston at the end of the cycle. Expand
Weighing the Web
  • ADAMANT, April
  • 2007
Weighing the web, ADAMANT
  • Apr. 9,
  • 2007