Does gender affect human pulmonary gas exchange during exercise?

  title={Does gender affect human pulmonary gas exchange during exercise?},
  author={Ivan Mark Olfert and Jamal Balouch and A. W. Kleinsasser and Amy R. Knapp and Harrieth Wagner and Peter D. Wagner and Susan R. Hopkins},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={557 Pt 2},
Women may experience greater pulmonary gas exchange impairment during exercise than men. To test this we used the multiple inert gas elimination technique to study eight women and seven men matched for age, height and (O(2) max) ( approximately 48 ml x kg(-1) min(-1)) during normoxic and hypoxic (inspired P(O(2))= 95 Torr) cycle exercise. Resting lung function was similar between the sexes, except for a lower carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (DL(CO)) in women (P < 0.05). Arterial P(O(2)),P(CO… CONTINUE READING