Does every patient with prenatal hydronephrosis need voiding cystourethrography?

  title={Does every patient with prenatal hydronephrosis need voiding cystourethrography?},
  author={Elizabeth B. Yerkes and M. C. Adams and John C. Pope and John W. Brock},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={162 3 Pt 2},
PURPOSE Prenatal ultrasound has allowed early identification of urinary tract abnormalities that may require urological followup or early intervention. While all children with prenatal hydronephrosis should undergo ultrasound within the first few weeks of life, we believe that there is a subset of postnatal hydronephrosis for which voiding cystourethrography can be avoided if careful observation is continued. MATERIALS AND METHODS For 5 years 175 infants with a history of prenatal… CONTINUE READING
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