Does diabetes alter the radiological presentation of pulmonary tuberculosis.

  title={Does diabetes alter the radiological presentation of pulmonary tuberculosis.},
  author={Mohammad Adil Shaikh and Rupak Singla and Nazeer B Khan and Nasser S Sharif and Mohammad O Saigh},
  journal={Saudi medical journal},
  volume={24 3},
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to determine whether diabetes mellitus (DM) alters the radiological manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). METHODS A retrospective review of the medical records and skiagrams of 692 consecutive smear positive pulmonary TB patients admitted in the Sahary Chest Hospital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from January 1998 to December 1999, was performed. One hundred and eighty-seven (27%) patients had an associated DM. The radiographic findings of… CONTINUE READING


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