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Does daily folic acid supplementation reduce methotrexate efficacy?

  title={Does daily folic acid supplementation reduce methotrexate efficacy?},
  author={Abigail Cline and Joseph L. Jorizzo},
  journal={Dermatology online journal},
  volume={23 11}
  • Abigail Cline, Joseph L. Jorizzo
  • Published in Dermatology online journal 2017
  • Medicine
  • Methotrexate is a mainstay treatment for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions in the field of Dermatology. However, in some patients, its use is associated with significant side effects and toxicity. Folate supplementation with either folic acid or folinic acid often mitigates side effects and reduces the incidence of systemic toxicity related to methotrexate. Although the value of methotrexate is clear, debate remains about folate supplementation. There is little agreement about the proper… CONTINUE READING

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