Does banner advertising affect browsing for brands? clickstream choice model says yes, for some

  title={Does banner advertising affect browsing for brands? clickstream choice model says yes, for some},
  author={Oliver J. Rutz and Randolph E. Bucklin},
  journal={Quantitative Marketing and Economics},
  • Oliver J. Rutz, Randolph E. Bucklin
  • Published 2012
  • Economics
  • Quantitative Marketing and Economics
  • This paper investigates how exposure to Internet display advertising affects the subsequent choices users make of brand-specific pages to view within a website. Using individual-level clickstream data from a third-party automotive website, we tracked the web pages selected by users as they browsed the site and their exposures to premium placement display ads for different vehicle makes (e.g., Ford, Toyota). Pages on the site were classified into those that displayed information about a specific… CONTINUE READING

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