Does asset specificity influence transaction costs and adoption? An analysis of sugarcane farmers in the Great Barrier Reef catchments

  title={Does asset specificity influence transaction costs and adoption? An analysis of sugarcane farmers in the Great Barrier Reef catchments},
  author={Anthea Coggan and Martijn van Grieken and Xavier Jardí and Alexis Boullier},
  journal={Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy},
  pages={36 - 50}
ABSTRACT A number of improved farming activities (IFAs) have been proven to reduce the sediment and nutrient impact of sugarcane farming on the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef (Australia). Some of these also have the potential to improve the profitability of sugarcane farming. Despite this, sugarcane farmers remain reluctant to adopt these practices which suggest that perhaps the transaction costs of adoption are greater than the benefits. In this paper we classify IFAs as requiring… 
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