Does acute hyperglycaemia influence heat pain thresholds?

  title={Does acute hyperglycaemia influence heat pain thresholds?},
  author={Anthony Wing Hung Chan and I. A. Macfarlane and David Bowsher and James C. Wells},
  journal={Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry},
  volume={51 5},
The influence of acute hyperglycaemia on pain sensation was assessed in eight young adult non-diabetic subjects. Acute hyperglycaemia was induced with IV glucose in a double blind fashion, with IV saline as a control. Pain thresholds were assessed by a painful heat stimulus delivered by a Marstock thermode on the thenar eminence. Heat pain thresholds did not significantly alter during either acute hyperglycaemia or the control saline infusion. Previous work demonstrating a lowering of… CONTINUE READING

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