Does acetylcholinesterase secretion involve an ADAMs-like metallosecretase?

  title={Does acetylcholinesterase secretion involve an ADAMs-like metallosecretase?},
  author={Natalia N. Nalivaeva and Anthony J. Turner},
  journal={Letters in Peptide Science},
The ADAMs (A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease-like) family is a large and rapidly expanding group of metallo-proteinases with structural similarity. The are normally characterized by the presence of a proteolytic domain and disintegrin and signalling domains. Although 21 ADAMs proteins have been already cloned to date, in most cases their natural substrates are unknown. The best characterized representative of the mammalian ADAMs family is the TNF-α converting enzyme (TACE). TACE is an integral… CONTINUE READING
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