Does Vagal Nerve Stimulation Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy in Patients with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex?

  title={Does Vagal Nerve Stimulation Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy in Patients with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex?},
  author={Daniele Grioni and Andrea Landi},
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Effect of Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Blood Inflammatory Markers in Children with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: A Pilot Study

The variation of IL-1β and PTX-3 seem to be related to a better outcome; thus, they do not reach statistical significance and a larger series of patients is needed to determine whether biochemical changes could relay with the clinical improvement of epilepsy.

Ergebnisse der Vagusnervstimulatorimplantation bei Kindern und Jugendlichen mit therapierefraktärer Epilepsie

Die Vagusnervstimulation (VNS) ist ein palliatives Therapieverfahren bei Patienten mit therapierefraktärer Epilepsie, für die epilepsiechirurgische Verfahren nicht infrage kommen. Die Wirkmechanismen

Assessing The Autonomic Effect Of Vagal Nerve Stimulation With Low Level Lasers By Heart Rate Variability

This study showed that VNS using LLLT is a noninvasive and safe method, and should be considered for future protocols to recover prasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system balance in different conditions.

Vagal Nerve Stimulation With Low Level Lasers Of Two Different Frequencies, Assessed By QEEG

The results using the RED/VIOLET LLLT for VNS might be useful in conditions in which it is necessary to induce an increment of brain activity in many conditions, like in depression, neurorehabilitation, in coma, in disorders of consciousness, in dementia, and in patients complaining autism.

Research progress of vagus nerve stimulation in the treatment of epilepsy

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is one of the neuromodulation methods clinically, which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and future research directions of VNS for epilepsy are described.



Vagus nerve stimulation for drug‐resistant epilepsy: A European long‐term study up to 24 months in 347 children

To gain insight into the long‐term impact of vagus nerve stimulation (with VNS Therapy) in children with drug‐resistant epilepsy, we conducted the largest retrospective multicenter study to date over

The natural history of epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis complex

This study highlights the need to understand more about the natural history of epilepsy in patients with TSC before deciding whether or not to treat them with Epilepsy UK.