Does Subliminal Exposure to Sexual Stimuli Have the Same Effects on Men and Women?

  title={Does Subliminal Exposure to Sexual Stimuli Have the Same Effects on Men and Women?},
  author={Omri Gillath and Mario Mikulincer and Gurit E. Birnbaum and Phillip R. Shaver},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={111 - 121}
Three studies explored gender differences in explicit and implicit components of sexual arousal following brief exposure to a sexual stimulus. Whereas Study 1 assessed reports of sexual arousal following subliminal exposure to a sexual or a neutral picture, Studies 2 and 3 examined the effects of the same priming procedure on accessibility of sex-related thoughts assessed with a pictorial judgment task and a lexical decision task. The subliminal sexual prime did not have an effect on men's… 
Unconscious Desire: The Affective and Motivational Aspects of Subliminal Sexual Priming
Evidence is provided suggesting that the affect and motivation found in Studies 1–4 were associated with motivation to engage in sex specifically, rather than a general approach motivation.
Neural correlates of exposure to subliminal and supraliminal sexual cues.
Men and women exhibited theoretically meaningful differences in patterns of activation associated with supra- and subliminal exposure as they were exposed to supraliminal vs subliminals sexual stimuli.
Subliminal Sexual Stimuli Facilitate Genital Response in Women
Vaginal pulse amplitude was increased when target stimuli were preceded by both opposite-sex and same-sex priming stimuli relative to nonsexual priming stimulus, suggesting that subliminal VSS were subjected to automatic stimulus processing, thereby facilitating nonspecific genital response preparation.
When Sex Primes Love: Subliminal Sexual Priming Motivates Relationship Goal Pursuit
Subliminal but not supraliminal exposure to sexual primes increased willingness to self-disclose, accessibility of intimacy-related thoughts, willingness to sacrifice for one's partner, and preference for using positive conflict-resolution strategies.
The valence of sex:Automatic affective associations in erotophilia and erotophobia.
Sexual Responses Are Facilitated by High-Order Contextual Cues in Females but Not in Males
  • J. Ponseti, Kim Dähnke, A. Stirn
  • Psychology, Biology
    Evolutionary psychology : an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior
  • 2018
It is hypothesized that the sexual module responds differently in the presence of complex (high-order) contextual cues that are related to gender-dimorphic sexual strategies in males and females, making females’ sexual responses more prone to the impact of high-order cultural cues than males’Sexual responses.
Gender Differences in Sexual Arousal and Affective Responses to Erotica: The Effects of Type of Film and Fantasy Instructions
It is suggested that physiological, subjective, and affective responses to erotic film stimuli are impacted not only by stimulus characteristics but also by the viewer’s interpretation of the depicted relationship.
Sex Unleashes Your Tongue: Sexual Priming Motivates Self-Disclosure to a New Acquaintance and Interest in Future Interactions
It is suggested that activation of the sexual system encourages the use of strategies that allow people to become closer to potential partners, including self-disclosure.
Effects of Gender and Relationship Context in Audio Narratives on Genital and Subjective Sexual Response in Heterosexual Women and Men
The results suggest that relationship context may be a more important factor in heterosexual women’s physiological sexual response than gender cues.


Automatic processes and the appraisal of sexual stimuli: Toward an information processing model of sexual arousal
A model of sexual arousal is presented that highlights the interaction between automatic and controlled cognitive processes and proposes that different levels of cognitive processing can
Conscious Processing of Sexual Information: Mechanisms of Appraisal
It was concluded that cognitive processing of sexual information is similar for both genders, but that gender differences are present in affective processing ofSexual information.
Priming the sexual system: Implicit versus explicit activation
A priming paradigm in which sexual slides were preceded by either sexual or neutral primes was investigated, demonstrating that the activation of subjective experience requires conscious cognitive elaboration and helping elucidate activational mechanisms of sexual response.
The effects of stimuli that vary in erotic content on cognitive processes
This study investigated the effects of stimuli that vary in erotic content on performance during a choice reaction time (CRT) task. Eighty subjects, 20 from each of four groups—heterosexual men,
Gender and Self-Reported Sexual Arousal in Response to Sexual Stimuli: A Meta-Analytic Review
Social constructionist theories and sociobiological perspectives have led to increased interest in gender differences in sexual behavior. This study involved a meta-analysis of gender differences in
Subjective Sexual Arousal and Involvement: Development of Multiple Indicators
Three measures of subjective sexual arousal were observed across four erotic conditions in a sample of 241 college men and women (a) to refine two multi‐item scales of subjective sexual arousal, (b)
A causal model of sexual arousal to erotic fantasies
To test a causal model derived from discrete affect (Tomkins, 1962) and involvement (Mosher, 1980) theories, 120 male and 121 female subjects responded to four erotic conditions with self‐reports of
Women's sexual and emotional responses to male- and female-produced erotica
The largest contribution to female sexual excitement might result from the processing of stimulus-content and stimulus-meaning and not from peripheral vasocongestive feedback.
Women's sexual desire--disordered or misunderstood?
  • R. Basson
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 2002
A new model of women's sexual response moves the focus from spontaneous drive with its markers of sexual thoughts, fantasies, and conscious urge to be sexual to an inherently responsive cycle. The