Does Rejection Hurt? An fMRI Study of Social Exclusion

  title={Does Rejection Hurt? An fMRI Study of Social Exclusion},
  author={N. Eisenberger and M. Lieberman and K. Williams},
  pages={290 - 292}
  • N. Eisenberger, M. Lieberman, K. Williams
  • Published 2003
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Science
  • A neuroimaging study examined the neural correlates of social exclusion and tested the hypothesis that the brain bases of social pain are similar to those of physical pain. Participants were scanned while playing a virtual ball-tossing game in which they were ultimately excluded. Paralleling results from physical pain studies, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) was more active during exclusion than during inclusion and correlated positively with self-reported distress. Right ventral prefrontal… CONTINUE READING
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